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Friday - April 20, 2018

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This Estimator is for general price estimations for stained glass work.
Whether you buy from Hall Glass Studios or not, we hope this Estimator can give you an idea of custom work costs.
While it is as accurate as possible, there are factors that could raise the costs.
If you are in the market for having a custom work made, feel free to EMAIL us for a FREE consultation!

You will need to know the WIDTH and HEIGHT, or DIAMETER of the window before using the Estimator.

1. Choose your window shape in the drop down menu.

2. Fill in your width and height in the prompts.

Pricing for Moderate Designs:

Calculate cost of a =  $


But what if my shape of window isn't listed here?

Arched Windows: If it looks like it is closer to half of a circle shape, do the estimate for a Full Circle, then divide by two. If it looks like it is closer to a rounded off rectangle, then do the estimate for a Rectangle.
Octagonal Windows: Do the estimate as a square.
Ovals: Do the estimate as a Rectangle.
Some other unique shape: Do the estimate as the closest shape possible, but it would be best if you could send us some dimensions and a photo for a more accurate estimate.

Need Conversions?


1/16" =  .0625

1/8" =  .1250

3/16" =  .1875

1/4" =  .2500

5/16" =  .3125

3/8" =  .3750

7/16" =  .4375

1/2" =  .5000

9/16" =  .5625

5/8" =  .6250

11/16" =  .6875

3/4" =  .7500

13/16" =  .8125

7/8" =  .8750

15/16" =  .9375

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